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Much Ministries

You want to see people break free from systemic poverty and establish thriving families, businesses and communities. WE DO TOO. That’s why we’ve been working in Gonaives Haiti since 2010.

We have learned that people caught in poverty are best served when presented with opportunities to realize their abilities and earn a living by their own hands, breaking cycles of dependence.

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Learn Haitian Creole with Gloria

Gloria was born in the Bahamas, a nation with 50% Haitians, to Haitian parents. She is fluent in both Haitian creole, her first language, and English. Gloria put together her own curriculum and practiced on over 200 individuals, one-on-one via Skype, Google Hangouts, and FaceTime. Soon multiple churches and organizations noted the success of the program and had their missionaries contact Gloria for creole lessons. She soon developed the Learn Haitian Creole with Gloria program whereby she implemented all that she had learned in her speech and hearing courses to provide a stronger foundation and to help people become more confident and fluent in their communication skills.

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New Life Children’s Home

New Life Children’s Home was established in 1977 when God showed us the immense suffering of starving and dying children in the remote mountain villages of Haiti. People would walk for hours over the rugged terrain- in desperate need for medical care- to the open air clinics we held in these mountainous regions. These people and their children were suffering with every disease known and unknown to mankind.

Today New Life Children’s Home/ Medical Center provide a home for approximately 140 children. Many of these children have been brought to us because they were abandoned and had no where to go. Every child here is a miracle of God’s Love.

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